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Welcome to Ladies Polo Cup 2024  
Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic 

The Ladies Polo Cup is back for its Second Edition, celebrating the spirit of women in polo and attracting polo enthusiasts, celebrities, and socialites. This premier event in the Dominican Republic promises an unforgettable experience, combining thrilling polo matches with high-end entertainment, fashion, and networking opportunities.


Our passion for the sport of polo meets a deeper purpose as we host the Ladies Polo Cup for the sheer joy of competition, camaraderie, and community building. However, our commitment goes beyond the thrill of the game; we are driven by a profound purpose. Partnering with Madres Maravillas, a program dedicated to empowering women in vulnerable sectors, we channel our collective enthusiasm for polo into a force for positive change.

By participating in and supporting our event, you are not just enjoying a spectacular showcase of international talent on the polo field; you are contributing to a cause that uplifts and empowers women in the Dominican Republic. Madres Maravillas provides a pathway for women in vulnerable circumstances to grow, become independent, and find empowerment.

Through this unique blend of sports and social responsibility, we aim to redefine the boundaries of philanthropy and entertainment. Every supporter of the Ladies Polo Cup is an advocate for positive change, helping us create a lasting impact on the lives of women in need. Join us in the pursuit of fun with a meaningful purpose, where the joy of the game becomes a catalyst for transformation, one empowering woman at a time.

Why Casa de Campo?

The Dominican Republic boasts world-renowned paradisiacal white sand beaches, with the exclusive Casa de Campo Resort nestled in La Romana. Casa de Campo offers an array of amenities including four golf courses, over twenty restaurants, a marina accommodating boats up to 250 feet, pristine beaches, a luxurious spa, apartments, villas, and an internationally acclaimed amphitheater in Altos del Chavón. Complementing these offerings is Casa de Campo's own international airport featuring a VIP sector for unparalleled comfort, a mere 7-minute drive from the polo fields.

Moreover, Casa de Campo houses an exceptional Equestrian Center overseen by Manager Fernando Arata, boasting more than 300 horses, 150 stables, a jumping track, and a diverse range of activities such as guided horseback rides throughout Casa de Campo, excursions to Rancho Peligro, a Petting Zoo, Pony rides, and even Donkey Polo matches.

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas stands as the preferred luxury destination for discerning travelers and celebrities worldwide, lauded for its gated, private community offering a safe and exclusive environment. Notably, it is renowned as the premier golf resort in the region, featuring Pete Dye designed courses, including the acclaimed Teeth of the Dog, hailed as the number one golf course in the Caribbean.


Sponsoring the Ladies Polo Cup in Casa de Campo presents a unique opportunity to align your brand with luxury, exclusivity, and community impact.

Here's why sponsoring this event is a strategic investment:

  •        Just 10 minutes to La Romana Airport and Private Jets: Casa de Campo's proximity to La Romana Airport makes it a convenient destination for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and jet setters from around the world. By sponsoring the Ladies Polo Cup, your brand gains exposure to this elite demographic, including affluent travelers arriving via private jets. 

  •         Allure and Prestige: The Ladies Polo Cup embodies sophistication, elegance, and sporting excellence, attracting a discerning audience who appreciate luxury lifestyle experiences. By associating your brand with this prestigious event, you enhance its image and appeal among the affluent demographic.

  •         Access to HNWI Audience: Sponsoring the Ladies Polo Cup provides an unparalleled opportunity to connect with HNWIs, influencers, and decision-makers who attend the event. Through strategic branding, hospitality activations, and networking opportunities, you can foster meaningful relationships with key individuals in this coveted demographic.

  •         Contribution to Community Growth: Your sponsorship not only elevates your brand's visibility but also demonstrates your commitment to corporate social responsibility. 

  •         Brand Differentiation and Market Positioning: Sponsoring an exclusive event like the Ladies Polo Cup sets your brand apart from competitors and reinforces its positioning as a leader in luxury and philanthropy. By aligning your brand with prestigious events and charitable causes, you enhance its reputation and appeal to discerning consumers who value social consciousness and lifestyle excellence.

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"Empowering women in sports is not only about recognizing their achievements but also celebrating their strength, resilience, and passion for the game"

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